XMedia Recode

H.265 - Codec / B-Frame

Number of B-Frames

Number of B-frames between I and P


Adaptive B-Frame

Set the level of effort in determining B frame placement.

With b-adapt 0, the GOP structure is fixed based on the values of --keyint and --bframes.

With b-adapt 1 a light lookahead is used to choose B frame placement.

With b-adapt 2 (trellis) a viterbi B path selection is performed

Values: 0:none; 1:fast; 2:full(trellis) default

Use B-frames as references

Use B-frames as references, when possible

Weighted B-Prediction

Enable weighted prediction in B slices.

B-Frame bias

Bias towards B frames in slicetype decision.

The higher the bias the more likely x265 is to use B frames.

Can be any value between -90 and 100 and is clipped to that range.