XMedia Recode

Audio tab

Setting options in the Audio tab

Audio stream

Add audio stream
change the order of the audio streams
change the order of the audio streams
Remove audio stream
Bitrate calculator


Imports external audio streams


Specifies whether the audio track is encoded or copied.


Specifies which audio codec is used for encoding.


Sets the language that the player displays when playing.


Sets the delay of the audio stream.

Positive values start the stream later.

Negative values start the stream earlier.


Sets the audio channel mode.

Sample rate

Specifies the sample rate. The higher the sample rate, the richer the sound. The values are between 16000 and 48000 Hz.

Bitrate mode

Sets the control mode for audio encoding. The choices depend on the audio codecs available.


Sets the bitrate. A higher bit rate improves the sound quality but also increases the size of the file. Values are between 32 and 320 kbps.