XMedia Recode

H.265 - Codec settings



  • Convert (convert video stream)
  • Copy (copy video stream)


Determines which video codec to use for encoding.


Sets the language that displays when playing the player.


Limit the profile of the output stream.

  • Main
  • Main 10
  • Main Still Picture
  • Main Intra
  • Main 10 Intra
  • Main 444
  • Main 444-Intra
  • Main 444-Still Picture
  • Main 422 10
  • Main 422 10 Intra
  • Main 444 10
  • Main 444 10 Intra
  • Main 12
  • Main 12 Intra
  • Main 422 12
  • Main 422 12 Intra
  • Main 444 12
  • Main 444 12 Intra


Sets the level flag in the output bitstream.


Sets parameters to preselected values, trading off compression efficiency against encoding speed. These parameters are applied before all other input parameters are applied, and so you can override any parameters that these values control..

  • Ultrafast
  • Superfast
  • Veryfast
  • Faster
  • Fast
  • Medium
  • Slow
  • Slower
  • Veryslow
  • Placebo


Specifies the output video rate.

Min GOP (Group Of Pictures) length

Minimum GOP length, the minimum distance between I-frames.

GOP (Group Of Pictures) length

This determines the maximum distance between I-frames

Very high GOP lengths will result in slightly more efficient compression, but will make seeking in the video somewhat more difficult

Display mode

  • Progressiv
  • Interlaced TFF (Top field first)
  • Interlaced BFF (Bottom field first)

Color mode

Specify output colorspace format.


Enables parallel encoding by using more than 1 thread to increase speed on multi-core systems


Ultra HD Blu-ray

Enable Ultra HD Blu-ray format support. If specified with incompatible encoding options, the encoder will attempt to modify/set the right encode specifications. If the encoder is unable to do so, this option will be turned OFF. Highly experimental.

Default: disabled

Allow non conformance

Allow libx265 to generate a bitstream with profile and level NONE. By default it will abort any encode which does not meet strict level compliance.

Default: disabled