XMedia Recode

XMedia Recode: H.264 Encoder Settings | Tips and Techniques



  • Convert (convert video stream)
  • Copy (copy video stream)


Determines which video codec to use for encoding.


Sets the language that displays when playing the player.


Is a 4-byte identifier which specifies the format of a video stream.


Limit the profile of the output stream.

  • Baseline
  • Main
  • High
  • High 4:2:2
  • High 4:4:4
  • High 10
  • High 4:2:2 10
  • High 4:4:4 10


Sets the level flag in the output bitstream.


Sets parameters to balance compression efficiency with encoding speed

  • ultrafast
  • veryfast
  • faster
  • fast
  • Medium
  • slow
  • slower
  • veryslow

Frame - Packing

Set frame packing mode for Stereoscopic content.

  • none
  • checkerboard  = pixels are alternatively from L and R
  • column alternation = L and R are interlaced by column
  • row alternation = L and R are interlaced by row
  • side by side = L is on the left, R on the right
  • top bottom = L is on top, R on bottom
  • frame alternation = one view per frame


Specifies the output video rate.

Min GOP (Group Of Pictures) length

Minimum GOP length, the minimum distance between I-frames.

GOP (Group Of Pictures) length

This determines the maximum distance between I-frames

Very high GOP lengths will result in slightly more efficient compression, but will make seeking in the video somewhat more difficult


Display mode

  • Progressiv
  • Interlaced TFF (Top field first)
  • Interlaced BFF (Bottom field first)

Color mode

Specify output colorspace format.


Enables parallel encoding by using more than 1 thread to increase speed on multi-core systems