XMedia Recode

Number of B-Frames

Number of B-frames between I and P

B-Frame mode

Motion vector prediction method for B-Frames.

Auto selects the best method per-frame

  • None
  • Spatial
  • Temporal
  • Auto


Adaptive B-Frames

Allows to use a dynamic number of consecutive B-Frames.

  • Off
  • Fast
  • Optimal

B-Frame Pyramid

Allows use of B-Frames as references.

  • None (do not allow B-frames to be used as references)
  • Strict (allow one B-frame per minigop to be used as reference; enforces restrictions imposed by the Blu-ray standard)
  • Normal (allow numerous B-frames per minigop to be used as references)

Weighted B-Prediction

When combined with multiple consecutive B-frames, this improves the prediction of fades.

B-Frame bias

Modify the bias for use of Adaptive B-Frames.

Higher values increase use, lower values decrease