XMedia Recode

H.264 - Codec / Rate control


VBV Buffer Size

Maximum size of the VBV (Variable Bitrate Video) Buffer.

VBV Maximum Bitrate

Max local bit rate of VBV.

VBV Initial Buffer

The initial occupancy of the VBV buffer.

Bitrate Variance

Allowed deviation from the target bitrate or filesize.


Sets the number of frames to use for mb-tree ratecontrol and vbv-lookahead. The maximum allowed value is 250


Macroblock tree ratecontrol overall improves the compression by keeping track of temporal propagation across frames and weighting accordingly.

Syne Lookahead

Sets the number of frames to be used as a buffer for threaded lookahead. Maximum Value is 250. Automatically disabled during the 2nd or greater pass or when using sliced threads.