XMedia Recode

Opus - Codec settings


Specifies whether the audio track is encoded or copied.


Specifies which audio codec is used for encoding.


Sets the language that the player displays when playing.


Sets the stream delay.

Sample rate

Specifies the sample rate.

The higher the sample rate, the richer the sound. The values are between 8000 and 48000 Hz.


Sets the bitrate. A higher bit rate improves the sound quality but also increases the size of the file. Values are between 32 and 1152 kbps.


  • VoIP:

    Gives best quality at a given bitrate for voice signals. It enhances the input signal by high-pass filtering and emphasizing formants and harmonics. Optionally it includes in-band forward error correction to protect against packet loss.

  • Audio:

    Gives best quality at a given bitrate for most non-voice signals like music. Use this mode for music and mixed (music/voice) content, broadcast, and applications requiring less than 15 ms of coding delay.

  • Restricted-lowdelay


Sets the maximum bandpass. But still gives the encoder the freedom to reduce the bandpass if the bitrate gets too low to achieve better overall quality.

  • Narrowband (4 kHz)
  • Mediumband (6 kHz)
  • Wideband (8 kHz)
  • Super wideband (12 kHz)
  • Fullband (20 kHz)


Sets the calculation effort from 0 to 10

  • 0 = fast (worse quality)
  • 10 = slow (highest quality)


  • Mono
  • Stereo
  • 5.0
  • 5.1

Frame size (ms)

  • Set the desired frame duration in milliseconds