XMedia Recode

Volume correction in XMedia Recode: Tips and Techniques

Step 1: Select the "Filter/Preview" tab and click the "Audio Track" tab

You can add the Volume correction using the "Add filter" button.

Select filter/preview

Step 2: Select Volume correction filter and click "Add"

add Volume correction

Step 3: Select Volume correction and set settings

Volume correction Settings


Determines the method with which the volume is changed.

  • Volume change (%)
  • Volume change (dB)
  • Volume normalization (dB)


Volume change (%)

Specifies the change in volume in percent. A value of 50% means that the overall volume of the clip is halved.
Choose a decimal value between 0 and 500. Values above 100% increase the volume.

Change volume in percent with XMedia Recode

Volume change (dB)

Increases or decreases the volume in dB.

Change volume in dB with XMedia Recode

Volume normalization (dB)

The volume is analyzed and adjusted to the target volume.

With Volume normalization you can edit MP3, MP4 and many other file formats.

  • Normalize (dB): Sets the average target volume in dB.
  • Track Volume: Shows the determined average volume.
  • Track gain: Shows by how many dB the volume must be changed.
Normalize volume with XMedia Recode